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Tobacco sellers licensing

Important information for tobacco product sellers

In Western Australia retailers, wholesalers, and indirect tobacco product sellers are required to hold an appropriate licence. Tobacco products cannot be legally sold until a licence has been issued.

How to obtain a licence

Businesses that sell tobacco products by retail sale, wholesale or indirect sale are required to complete an application form and return it to the Department of Health with the relevant fees and supporting evidence.

What will it cost?

The following fees apply from 1July 2015.

Retail: $240
Indirect: $240
Wholesale: $600

Information required within an application will differ depending on the type of applicant.

Licence applications can only be processed once all the correct documentation is submitted.

Application forms and guidance documents are available on the Forms, signage and resources page

Licence renewals

Please note a change to tobacco licence renewal forms

Forms must now be signed by the registered licence holder.

Licences are valid for 12 months and must be renewed if the licensee continues to sell tobacco products. Reminder letters and relevant information will be issued 10 weeks before licence expiry. To ensure a licence remains valid, license holders must follow the instructions and complete appropriate renewal forms. From 30 June 2013 renewal forms must be signed by the registered licence holder.

Display of tobacco products and smoking implements banned

Tobacco retailers are required to ensure that tobacco products, including individual packets and cartons as well as smoking implements cannot be seen by the public from inside or outside the premises.

Enforcement of Tobacco Products Control Act 2006

The Department of Health reserves the right to take enforcement action against anyone who knowingly breaches the new tobacco licensing laws.

Legislation information

Once a licence has been issued all licence holders will receive information that will contain relevant information about selling and supplying tobacco products and other requirements that must be complied with as part of the licensing scheme.

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